Creating Success for Software Projects C. Allen & Associates

C. Allen & Associates offers a variety of consulting services to help you improve the business results of your software projects. We offer consulting packages in the following areas:

Software Project Facilitation

  • Software Project Planning: We lead your project team in identifying the most appropriate software development life cycle for their project and developing a software project plan that includes a realistic schedule, resource plan, risk management plan, and quality plan. Upon conclusion of the consulting engagement, the project team has a software development plan as well as the skills and processes to evaluate and update the plan.
  • Feasibility Analysis: We plan and execute a thorough analysis of the project problem or opportunity, evaluate potential alternatives, and recommend the most cost effective solution in a feasibility study report.
  • Conducting Peer Reviews: We assist project team members to identify work products suitable for software inspection, plan the inspections, and lead the defect logging meetings. As part of this consulting, we train inspection moderators and lay the groundwork for a continuing peer review and software inspection process.
  • JAD Facilitation: We work with software project managers and business customers to plan and facilitate Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions that bring the project team and business representatives to a common understanding and agreement on the business requirements for the software product. Upon conclusion of the consulting engagement, the project team has an initial set of business requirements, and has been trained in planning and conducting their own JAD sessions.

Project Management Process Improvement

  • Software Project Evaluation: We review the software project documentation and meet with the project team to identify areas for process improvement. Based on our evaluation, we recommend techniques and process changes to improve the projectís chance for success.
  • Software Project Lifecycle Processes: We work with management and project teams to determine what level of process definition is appropriate. We then work with project managers and process improvement teams to select from industry standard best practices and methodologies to create the software project lifecycle process that will be most practical and effective in your organization.

Project Management Skills Analysis

  • Project Management Training Needs Analysis: We evaluate the current state of software project management practices in your organization and determine what knowledge areas are in need of improvement. We then recommend training and design a project management curriculum that meets the needs of your organization.
  • PMP Certification Exam Preparation: We assist individuals who desire to obtain the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. We work with them to complete the PMP application, and determine their project management strengths and weaknesses. Our consulting helps them build on their strengths and improves their knowledge in weak areas.
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